We focus on bring to your table a healthy tasty alternative, we hand craft each small batch to provide a unique taste, we take simple natural ingredients and turn them into something more versatile and irresistibly craveable.
We want to offer a better for you spread- dip, that is why Happeas contains Vitamin A, E, C, K and all the Bs along with minerals that are essential for you! Happeas containers are BPA free, so dig in or spread the Happeaness!


Our Original recipe is a flavorful blend of chickpeas, green peas, nutritional yeast, with a perfectly measured blend of herbs and spices. Together they create a tasteful party in your mouth.


Our Jalapeno recipe is simply a combination of our original flavor with just the right amount of spicy heat you can only get from Jalapeno peppers! Blended together for your spicy Happeas cravings.


Our Buffalo recipe has a not too over the top spicy heat factor inspired by our hometown Buffalo Chicken Wings!! Yummy!!


It is unique , independent of all the other flavors on the Market today. The mixture of turmeric and ginger, along with a specific blend of spices giving this flavor it’s signature Middle Eastern flare!

What flavor do you like the most?

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