“One to change a few. A few to change
many. Many to change the world.
Starts with one.”


We promise a unique flavor and real ingredients in our nutritious, hand-crafted, preservative-additive free, spread-dip.
We’re focused on meeting the needs of our customers by creating better-for-you snacking options.
We are on a mission to make snacking healthier.
We are grateful for you and we care about your well-being by offering a better healthy choice in spreads and dips.
Happeas started out as an answer to needs: one of us was diagnosed with diabetes and need to eat healthier; another was missing avocados!
Here in Western New York, ripe delicious, affordable avocados are hard to come by — so we need to get creative. We started playing with chickpeas and different spices; then we added green peas for healthy protein and the perfect guacamole color.
We wanted something to spread or dip , at the same time to be healthy and tasty.
During the stay at home order due to Covid-19 , we had plenty of time to develop and perfected our spread-dip.
In July of 2020 Happeas was born!! and it was up to us to find a place to spread the Happeas news, we started selling in September of 2020 at a local Farmers Market …..
We believe that what you eat has to be made from real food, not formulas.
We know, what we put in our body matters.
Take a look at the ingredients in our products, you will be able to pronounce every last one. We take pride in making all of our products in small batches.

CONTACT US: customerservice@happeascompany.com

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